Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wednesday, April 13, 2022, MN

Weather…we are heading back to winter once again as temps will drop this week and a wintry mix of precipitation is expected over the next several days. We will be seeing mid-30s and won’t get a glimpse of 50s until the 21st.  It’s been a miserable spring that has been dragging on.

Frisco was ready to go out for his final walk at 7 pm and I held him off until 7:30, knowing that he would be up and raring to go out much earlier than usual in the morning. I made a hot toddy and sipped on it until 8:30 and headed for bed. I could hear the heavy rain hitting the window. At 10pm, awoke to the sound of very loud thunder that rocked the building.  It held on and roared for several seconds.  I was awake just about every hour last night and here I was hoping for a good night of sleep.