Monday, May 2, 2022

Monday, May 2, 2022, MN

I just woke up from a two-hour nap - can’t believe that I slept so long in the afternoon but then last night seemed like I was awake a lot and was pretty restless.  Ben and Jill had an 8:30 appointment this morning, so I got there a little before that and saw that the twins got to the bus on time. When Ben got home, we took Yoshi for a nice walk. The weather is still cold and gray, at least it’s not raining as it was for the last two and a half days.

On Friday morning, I put the ingredients for beef stew in the slow cooker and invited Deb to join me for dinner.  There was a going away gathering on our community room for our manager, Sherry who is moving on to a new job after 12 years here.  It was a nice get together. Now, I’m hopeful that her replacement is someone we all can appreciate.  Deb and I had a nice dinner and chat, then we headed out for a walk but the cold wind made us turn around and call it a night.

I’ve been meeting up with Ben on Saturdays for a walk while the twins have gymnastics but that wasn’t happening because two of Charlotte’s friends tested positive for Covid so they kept them all at home even though their tests came out negative.  

I received the order that I placed for a ring that has a stone made from Mike’s ashes. I am happy with the result - here is the photo. Dang, my hands look just like my Grandma’s did when I was a kid.

I went and had dinner with the family last night to celebrate my birthday and Ben made Bun Cha - Vietnamese meatballs that were served with rice noodles, parsley, mint, butter lettuce and topped with a flavorful Nuoc Chom sauce (fish sauce) and optional hot sauce. Dang, it was good and I get to have more for dinner tonight.  To top it off, they gave me a pretty pair of earrings and we all had yummy carrot cake for dessert.  Camille and Norah folded the napkins pretty and set the table and Camille did the serving.  They sure are sweet - most of the time.