Thursday, May 26, 2022

Thursday, May 26, 2022, MN

After getting home from a couple of days of camping on Tuesday afternoon, Frisco and I walked to the pet store for some treats, I took him out for a potty break that night, he was limping a bit and I carried him in and he hasn’t walked since.  On Wednesday morning, he kept stumbling so I carried him downstairs and back in the apartment, he sat staring at the wall and then he slept for the next six hours.  I decided to see if I could get him in to see the vet and they had an opening. Everything checked out, just age related issues.

We headed straight to Ben’s (he is in San Francisco on a business trip) where I spent the night and got the kids off to school in the morning.  I met the twins at the bus stop and while they were having a snack, Charlotte and four of her friends came in - she told me that Wednesday was ‘play with friends after school day’ and Jill agreed to it, so I sliced a bunch of apples for them and they went downstairs to hang out.  Norah, Camille, and I made Rice Krispie treats while Jill worked on dinner and we had a nice evening together.  The twins put on a cute singing and acting show for us and then it was bedtime, they read to me for a while before turning in for the night and I hung out with Charlotte for a bit before bedtime.  They have become so independent and have the daily routines down so well that all they really need is a goodnight hug and some Grandma or parent love.

This morning, I was awake at 5:00, got up at 5:30 and Jill had already left for work (the reason she needed some extra help this morning).  I carried Frisco upstairs and as soon as I set him down at the top of the stairs, he kind of collapsed and peed on the rug.  He has slept most of the day and his legs can’t hold his body up.  He is eating and drinking, goes potty when I carry him outside but he still hasn’t tried to walk.  I think the issue might be in his right leg but his hind legs are wobbly too.  I decided to observe him until tomorrow morning and then will have X-rays done if there are no changes.