Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday, May 24, 2022, MN, WI, MN

I was packed up and on the road by 10 am Sunday morning, heading for the KOA Campground in Hixton, WI to hang out with Patty and Jo at a cabin for a couple of days.  I decided to take the scenic route on US 10 that took me through Hastings and the small towns of Prescott, Ellsworth, Mondovi, and Oswego. The tree covered hillsides were beautiful with varying shades of green and the road was hilly and curvy - a very enjoyable drive with hardly any traffic.  Patty and I arrived about 1:00 and the cabin wasn’t quite ready, so we headed down the road to Kal’s Korner Bar and hoped to catch Jo before she took the turn to go to the campground. My signal wasn’t strong enough, so my text didn’t go through and we crossed paths - she checked into the cabin, then met us for a drink before going back and settling in at the cabin.  

The cabin is so cute - a full size bed in the main room, table & 4 chairs, a tiny kitchen with microwave and fridge, full bath with shower, and a small room with twin bunk beds.  Outside, there is a swing on the porch, a nice patio with table, chairs and a grill and a fire pit in the yard. It was just perfect for the three of us.

Once we all got settled, we headed out to Hatfield for dinner at a supper club but neither of the options were open on Sunday (that’s not what their websites told us) and we ended up at the Depot Saloon in Merrillan. We had a nice meal but we all had been looking forward to a supper club.

Back at the cabin, we started watching a movie but our endless talking prevented us from knowing anything about the story. We were all settled in bed by 10:00 and Frisco had been sound asleep for a couple of hours before that. 

The sun was shining on Monday morning and we were able to have our coffee on the patio and decide what our plan for the day was going to be. A road trip to some of the small, neighboring towns in search of girlie shops, tasty goodies and antiques would do it.  We drove to Fairchild and found nothing of interest, on to Augusta where Jo was quite familiar, as that is where her grandparents and aunts and uncles lived and she spent lots of time there as a child. We had a light breakfast at a small restaurant that was once the Red Dot Cafe, where her Uncle Carl met up with his friends every day for coffee.  We drove around town and stopped at The Wood Shed where beautiful Amish furniture and household items were sold.

On to Osseo to an antique shop and then to the Norske Nook - you can’t go to Osseo without a stop there, as they are known for their delicious pies - where we each got a piece of pie to take with us and Pat and Jo couldn’t resist buying Lefsa and I couldn’t resist getting a jar of Swedish Lingonberry Jam.  Our last stop of the day was at a couple of antique shops before heading back to the cabin.

We sat outside and played Farkel, had snacks and cocktails and got a fire going. The smoke like Jo way too much and she finally gave up and went inside.  Pat and I stuck around until the logs were burned down, took Frisco for a walk, then played a few games of Uno before going to bed. We didn’t even make it to 9:00.

What a fun couple of days! Just what the doctor ordered and we plan to do it again one day.  It was a perfect location, an easy 2-hour drive for all of us.