Monday, May 9, 2022

Monday, May 9, 2022, MN

We did have a lovely, sunny day on Saturday and I returned to the paper craft garage sale that I went to on Friday with Judy.  I had purchased a paper storage box on Friday and liked it so much when I got home that I decided to go back to see if they had any more like it.  I was able to get one more of the boxes so all of my paper can be organized and kept in one place now. I had a conversation with the lady who was having the sale and I mentioned to her that Judy organizes the “Cards for a Cause” group in my building and they may have some materials to donate to her after the sale.  This sale was amazing, as the person had so many scrapbooking, card-making, paper quilling, and embossing supplies and tools - it might have taken up the same space as that in a large box store.  I did find some specialty (hand-made specialty) paper and a rotary cutter for my card projects.

I met Ben at Harrison Park and we walked the 9-Mile Creek Trail while the twins were at gymnastics. Yoshi got to explore the creek and Ben and I got to watch a large deer foraging in the woods.  I spotted this crazy perfectly coiled vine that went up the side of the tree trunk from the ground to the treetop.

And some beautiful patches of Bloodroot - this first wildflowers that I have seen this year.

Back at home, I started back at cleaning up the plantings in the front of my building and then Kathy came by as she was returning from a walk, and offered me a beer.  So we sat on the bench in the sunshine and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon and were later joined by Deb.  While we were there, a chubby, fluffy tailed raccoon scurried around the back of the shed, spotted Frisco who was tied to the bench, then turned around and ran right in front of us until he crossed the parking lot.  That was exciting!  It is sure nice to have some girlfriends to chat with.

Mother’s Day started out cloudy and rainy but ended up being fairly nice - the sun peeked out now and then and it was cool but not cold.  I made a batch of Rice Krispie bars to take over to the family and then joined them for an afternoon of yard cleanup and planting and a few games of Uno with the girls.