Saturday, August 20, 2022

Saturday, August 20, 2022, MN

I helped out with the Food Truck on Wednesday and they were short of drivers this week, so they arrived a bit later than usual.  After that, I had volunteered to help Ben out by driving his van that was loaded with junk for the dump, but he called to say that long waits are expected there and he would come up with an alternate plan.  I had gotten some extra produce from the food truck, so I dropped that off at their house anyway.

I got the urge to bake cookies on Thursday night and the batch of “Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies” was so large that I set aside a container to deliver to the family and still had enough to share with several of my neighbors.  They are yummy!

Patrick turned 53 today - dang, that is hard to believe that I have a son that old.  He and I had a very nice, long conversation on the phone.  Hopefully, I will make it down there in he next few weeks.

Jill and Ben’s house went on the market yesterday and they are all staying at her parent’s house, so I delivered the cookies there and Ben and I went and had coffee. My fingers, toes, legs and hairs are crossed that they get a good offer quickly and put those worries behind them and move on.

This morning, I went to a Humane Society event to see what they had, hoping that there might be some small dogs who weren’t listed on their website. Nope.  I guess I’ll just have to check the site daily, as they said they get posted each morning.  I’m thinking that I will have to give up on a rescue group as an option for a dog for me, as their dogs are really pricey, most in the $300-500 range with very specific requirements for companion animals and fenced yards.  It really closes the door for me and lots of other seniors who would give loving homes but have limited funds.  I’m not giving up, but will have to be patient and hope for word of a dog with a private adoption.  It sucks!

I’ve gotten bad news on three of my cousins this week and I can’t stop thinking of them.  I learned that Wanda is in rehab after a stroke a couple of weeks ago and will not be able to return to her home. Kenny is suspected to have had a stroke while at their condo in Florida, but I haven’t gotten any updates since then.  JoAnne is under hospice care with a very short prognosis after learning that she has leukemia just a few weeks ago.  Her sister Carole is there with her and said she still has funny things to say, but is getting weaker every day.  I feel so sad about all of them.