Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday, August 28, 2022, MN

I picked Charlotte up from a sleepover at her friends house on Friday and we got to have a sleepover together.  We walked to the Pet Store so I could get Joey a Kong toy to entertain him.  After his walk, we headed to the outlet mall to shop for a birthday gift for Charlotte.  We put Joey in his crate and he started yapping as soon as the door was closed, so we waited a bit and it stopped after about 5 minutes - a behavior that I will have to work on.  Neither of us were very impressed with the mall - it was messy and not much that she was interested in, so I told her I would get her a gift card from Target.  She did get some earrings at Claire’s.  Jill picked her up yesterday morning, as they were going to the State Fair to see a concert that night.  This is how she got herself ready in the morning (not sure if the makeup is parent approved - I have a feeling that it will be redone).  I think it’s a bit much for an (almost) 11 year-old.  The shirt cracked me up - Ben has held onto it for at least 25 years.

Joey has been coughing quite a bit, so I called and the clinic was able to get him in to be checked for Kennel Cough. It is a mild case - no treatment necessary but I need to keep him away from other dogs for now. He has no other issues, so I’m glad I got him in and we can start with a clean slate.  Every day he becomes more settled with his new lifestyle.