Thursday, August 4, 2022

Thursday, August 4, 2022, MN

Last week on Wednesday, I drove to Spooner, WI to meet up with my good friends Jim and Sue. We had a very nice lunch with a lot of catching up to do and it was so nice to hang out with them again.  It has been a year since we last saw each other and a lot of changes have occurred in both of our lives - all is good and families are all healthy.

We went to the Wooden Canoe Museum and had a really nice docent who showed us around and I was even able to share some Tom MacKenzie stories with him and we all learned a bit about how canoes are built.  I was able to leave some brochures listing our canoe for sale and hope that we get some bites from it.  After that, we strolled the streets of downtown Spooner, did a little shopping and bought some yummy bread at the local bakery.

The red canoe is Tom’s building form and the cabinet is from his workshop.

Judy and I went to Pam’s (card making friend) garage sale (she is moving to Phoenix) on Friday and the only thing I bought was a beautiful set of bathroom towels and Judy loaded up on a few things, filling up the back of my car.

I packed up and headed to Ben’s house on Saturday afternoon to spend the next week house and dog sitting again while they spend with week with her parents at a cabin up north.  Big news! They bought a new house in Chanhassen and will be moving before the girls start school on September 6. I can’t wait to see it in person.  It’s going to be a whirlwind of a month!

My neighbor Deb invited me to go with her to the VFW on Sunday afternoon, as her friend Mike was going to be playing drums during the jam session.  The music was very enjoyable and it felt good to be out at a bar with a friend and Mike was a nice guy to chat with during his breaks.

I spent Monday doing my housecleaning and I wasn’t able to save any time - it’s a big house and it took me five hours to do the whole house, split in two days.

Bob and Penny got here about 6:30 on Tuesday evening and we enjoyed catching up and sharing the Mom’s goulash that I made for dinner. We watched Jeff Dunham’s comedy show and got some laughs before going to bed.  Penny brought me some goodies from her gardens: kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, and jalapeƱo peppers - yummy stuff!

We walked around Lake Harriet Wednesday morning, then took a drive to see Ben and Jill’s new house and had some lunch at Maynard’s in Excelsior - of course Bob and I both had walleye sandwiches.

And then tonight we went to the Hilltop in Edina and had walleye again - this time it was pan fried and served with asparagus and rice.  Yummy!It’s another very nice place and I will consider taking visitors there in the future.  

This morning, we walked along the lake but Penny was the only one who went all the way around. She met up with us at the Bread and Pickle just sitting at a table and enjoying the view.  When we got back home we all showered, had breakfast, and they packed up and headed back to Kansas City. It was so nice to have them visit at Bridge’s Bed and Breakfast and I’m so thankful that Ben and Jill allow me to have guests at their home.