Friday, May 24, 2024

Friday, May 24, 2024, MN

 Tuesday was a busy day for me, starting at 6 am and still going strong when I got back home at 8pm.  I took a nice long walk, did laundry, cooked chicken and pasta to make chicken salad for dinner, went to Ben’s house and got Yoshi for a walk before meeting the twins at the bus stop, hung out with them and got them fed before gymnastics, took them there and watched them for the next two hours, took them home, then came home myself.  Most days for me have much fewer activities so that one wore me out. The girls have gotten so much stronger and more controlled and experienced and it was fun to watch them.

I heard from Pat while I was at the gym and he told me that Tracey would be released on Thursday (48-hour notice). He filed an appeal as he doesn’t feel that she is physically able to do what is needed to be at home.  He attend a meeting on Wednesday with her care team and her parents and he was surprised at how well she was doing. Some feeling has come back to her left arm and leg and she walked into the room with a walker, sat on a chair and was able to get back up on her own.  This is great although they still want to work with her to be able to go up and down steps and get herself into the bathtub.  

Speaking of feeling worn out, I am wondering what is going on with my aching body. For several weeks now, I have been hurting most days and taking a pretty steady regimen of pain relievers.  Yesterday, I sent an email to my GP and they suggested I see someone soon, as my symptoms sound a lot like Lyme Disease. I don’t recall getting a tick bite but I was exposed to ticks and found some on me earlier this spring. Of course, no appointments are available to see her or an associate, so I guess I’ll be heading to Urgent Care later today.

This is all going on just as I’ve been wanting to get in the gardens, but I feel so stiff and sore that I haven’t been able to.