Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday, May 27, 2024, MN

 My trip to Urgent Care resulted in a series of blood tests to check for inflammation, infection, thyroid level, and Lyme Disease and I have gotten most of the results back by now and all are in the normal ranges.  I’m thinking it is old age or arthritis and I will just take pain relievers when necessary and resolve to the fact that my 76 year old body just plain hurts some (recently most) of the time.  

The City of Bloomington has a program that gives free compost to residents who participate in their compost collection program. Since I live in a multi-unit building, we don’t participate. I was looking for information on where I could purchase the compost and found an application form for donations. I checked with the staff here and got approval to apply and we are getting a delivery of bulk compost dropped off here on Tuesday.  Residents will have to distribute it between the vegetable and perennial gardens and it will do a lot to improve the soil and keep our plants healthy and beautiful!

After my morning walk yesterday, I got to thinking - what am I going to do with this day?  I considered a ride to see Anderson Gardens in Litchfield, but the day was gray and cloudy so I ruled that out.  I did some cleaning, went through photos, and then I decided I was hungry for ribs.  I went to the store and bought ribs and got them in the oven and invited Deb to join me for dinner.  Shortly before she came, Cathy invited me to join her for a drink, so I invited her over and we sat and chatted for a while before having dinner.  What a pleasant evening!