Saturday, May 18, 2024

Saturday, May 18, 2024, MN

 I had planned to take another trip to Stoughton on the 8th, but canceled because Tracey is not at home yet and also because my car’s Brake/ABS/VSC lights are still coming on - I can’t get it in until the 17th. My calendar was wide open but I didn’t accomplish much.

Cathy invited me to meet her and her group of friends at Brassa, nice southern style restaurant near Lake Harriet. It turned out to be a fun evening with six gals at the table, then Karen left and Jody showed up and took her place.  Since they put us at a corner table and weren’t too busy, we sat there for 2.5 hours talking about lots of subjects. I’m so happy that she invites me along, as they are a great group of gals and like to have fun.

Our family gathered at Olivia’s for Mother’s Day Brunch and had a lovely time. The girls looked so nice and it’s always nice to get together.  After brunch, we all met at their house, as it was their weekend to catch up on lawn chores.  Lois, Dennis, and I didn’t do much, as were all having physical issues with achy joints, but we did little chores here and there to help out.  The twins and I planted Jill’s urns on the porch and I helped with watering while they worked their butts off putting mulch down.  After the work was done, we sat on the deck and enjoyed an Amalfi Mule made with Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, limoncello, and topped with mint - a refreshing summery cocktail.

I took my car to Costco on Monday for tire rotation and learned that the tires are wearing unevenly so it needs an alignment in order for the warranty to stay in effect.  Also, while driving to Costco I realized it is also due for an oil change, so I called Eric’s and added those to the Friday appointment.  

I took Joey with me when I dropped the car off and we walked the 2.1 miles back home, a little longer than our usual morning walk, but doable. That is if you don’t take a wrong turn and add another half-mile onto the walk.  After turning down a street and realizing the other street didn’t go through because of railroad tracks, we ended up having to go farther west and then another couple of blocks back east to get home. It also started to rain lightly - we got a little bit wet.  

My neighbor, Leslie offered to take me to get the car when it was done - that was so nice! I was planning to call an Uber. They weren’t able to fix the electrical issue, as they just figured out the problem late in the afternoon and needed to order a switch. I will take it back there on Wednesday and wait while they change it out. Fingers crossed that takes care of the issue. 

Norah and Camille had their 4th and 5th grade spring orchestra concert on Thursday night and it was cute - short but sweet.  

I’ve been working on the reunion stuff this week; getting photos together and printing up name tags. Jonnie is making photo boards for each of the Peckham siblings so we are asking everyone to bring photos to add to the boards.  For those that we know are coming, we have about 70 people showing up.