Monday, August 12, 2013

August 10 - 11, 2013 - SF

After breakfast on Saturday morning, Ben and I took the dogs and Charlotte and walked to the Cabrillo Playground, a brand new park that just opened a week or so ago.  The dogs waited for us while Charlotte played and we all got a nice walk in.

This part of the city is all a bustle with people this weekend as the Outdoors Land 3-day concert is going on in Golden Gate Park.  With names like Paul McCartney and Willie Nelson, you can be sure there will be huge crowds.  People are looking for parking wherever they can find it and are walking the mile or so from the outer Richmond to get there.  We have heard some of the music but to much.  I remember a day when I would have wanted to be there, but at this stage of my life, smaller crowds are much more interesting to me.

Ben made a Potato and Kale soup for dinner that was deeeeelicious.  Once Charlotte got tucked in bed for the night, Ben and I made a carrot cake, something that Jill has had a craving for and neither of us had a problem with making it.  It was too late to frost it so that had to wait until Sunday and we had to put off sampling it too.

Sunday morning's activity was a trip to the Richmond Farmer's Market on Clement Street between 2nd and 4th Avenues.  We stocked up on fruits and veggies for the week and also got a couple of steaks for dinner tonight.

Once again, I am making some progress on Charlotte's sweater whenever I have some quiet time and she is away or sleeping.  At least I am doing better on it now than I did while on vacation.  I hope I have it done by birthday time.

I'm also getting quite a bit more exercise, mostly from walking, but then dealing with a 2-year old is a lot more physical than I am used to also.  Hopefully, I will lose a few pounds while I am here.  Ben and I have walked the dogs several evenings and we usually do a good half-hour of walking.  And those times when I go by myself, its a bit shorter but they all include some hills.  Pushing Charlotte up the hill in the stroller is an extra good workout.

We're getting into a routine now (Charlotte's) and Frisco is getting used to the sounds of the city.  The first few nights were awful because he growled and barked at every little thing.  He still has a problem with the sound of people and a dog upstairs.