Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 6, 2013 - Oxnard to SF

It was another long day of driving and I had a hard time getting going this morning.  The coast of California is so beautiful and it made me realize how nice it always was in the past when Mike did the driving and I did the navigating.  It gave me the opportunity to take in all of the sights and also to research the landmarks that we were seeing along the way.  Without my co-pilot, I can only keep my eyes on the road and settle for glimpses of the views.

I arrived at Ben and Jill's - my home for the next six weeks.  To accommodate a grandparent in the household, they have converted the dining room to a bedroom for me.  The table is in the living room and they added a single bed and a small dresser to the dining room.  Jill and I will hang curtains later this week to separate the space a little more. I think it will work just fine and there is room for the 4 of us at the table for meals.

Charlotte was full of giggles and hugs for me and eager to show me her toys and her room.  She's quite happy with having a bed for me - another thing for her to climb around on.  Any items of clothing in sight gives her an opportunity to try them on.  I got the honor of doing story time and tucking her in for bed - she is really good about it.  Her speech has really improved and does a great job of speaking clearly to get her point across.