Friday, March 4, 2016

March 1 - 6, 2016, AZ

Thursday, March 3.  A farewell dinner at the Chandlers motor home on Tuesday night was nice, they head back home in Wednesday.

The Freddie and Sheila show that was held in our park on Wednesday night was very entertaining and enjoyable.  Freddie is an amazing guitar player, playing some in the style of Chet Atkins and Mac Wiseman, but he sure had a style of his own including keeping the rhythm by clogging while he sat in his stool - pretty amazing.  Sheila's voice was beautiful and she did some interesting folk songs and Patsy Cline's, "Crazy" that was beautiful.

This morning, I got to Carl's house for my first cleaning job and he was surprised an confused with the dates so I had to reschedule his, go back home and return to do Joanne's at 11:00.  Trying to find things to keep busy for 2 hours was hard, but I managed and then it seemed to fly by.  

Arlene asked if I could pick her up from a nail appointment on my way back home - no problem.  She also wanted to stop by the mattress store so we did that too, then made a stop at Walmart and then to Zupas for a yummy Cuban sandwich.

Friday, March 4.  Today is my little brother, Rocco's, birthday and he would be 67 years old, gone from us for 14 years.  He was small in stature but a fireball for sure, a great guy who got caught up in drugs and alcohol at such a young age.  I miss him.

Arlene and I joined Pat and Roger for their last Arizona fish fry tonight - Harp's Irish Pub because last week's fish at an Irish pub was delicious.  Not so good this week - I know that I won't ever go back there - flavorless and yucky batter on the fish.

Sunday, March 6.  Yesterday started out just fine with a FaceTime call from Bob and Randy - it's so nice to see and talk with them.  A little later, Rick called, so it wa a morning of catching up with my brothers - very nice!  Connie and I went to some neighborhood garage sales in the morning.

I got the guest room ready for Jo's visit next week - boy, the windows and blinds really needed cleaning - guess I haven't done that since I got back here last fall.  Today, I worked on the living room windows, pictures on the wall, and the ceiling fan.