Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 14 - 20, 2016, AZ

Thursday, March 17. 

It has been a busy week with Jo and her friends; the pool, the flea market, dinners, happy hours, and even a night of dancing at Painted Mountain with Harry - a great entertainer who really gets the house moving.

Jo and Susan

Jo and I

Jo, Loretta, Susan, and Kathy

Susan and Jo leave in the morning, headed back to Wisconsin, so I invited them for dinner tonight.  No, I didn't serve corned beef and cabbage but made lime chicken tacos instead.  We started with home-made margaritas (so much better than any mix I have ever had) and ended with apple crumble for dessert and had a nice evening that ended early since they are heading out tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19.  James showed up early this morning to put a paint coating on my roof - I'm so thankful that he was willing to do the job.  I was able to pay him a respectable hourly rate and still save myself about $200, and that job is done for the next several years - maybe a selling factor.  While he was doing that, I headed over to Sunland Village for their community garage sales and I did find a few things - a beautiful duvet cover with matching pillow covers for $5, a new bed for Frisco, and some really pretty vintage necklaces, one that had the bracelet and earrings with them for a buck each.

This whole week has been Brentwood Days in our community, with some type of competition each day and tonight was the finale.  The competitions were Golf (Battle of the Sexes and Canada vs US), Bingo, Bunco, Bridge, Shuffleboard and then today, a poker run and golf cart parade.  Everyone had a great time and prizes were awarded this evening at happy hour which was followed by dinner and then a dance with Guilty Pleasures providing the entertainment.  The crowd really thinned out early with the exception of a few die hard dancers, including me, and just a few others.  I was home by 8:30.

Sunday, March 20.  A morning conversation with Ben and the grandkid's really started my day off nicely.  Ben was having a hard time getting the twins to keep their clothes on. Charlotte and I shared our coloring books and she told me about the warm and cool colors and how she likes the warm colors (yellow and orange) the best.  Norah and I talked about owls and she told me that they live in nests, in the trees, and they say hoot, hoot.  Camille just looked into the computer and didn't say much.

Connie had tickets to Italian Fest in Scottsdale today and that was a fun event, although it was crowded and the food lines were long.  I spoke to a young woman who had a map of Catania hanging in her booth, so I asked if she was familiar with the Ursino Castle.  She proceeded to give me a brief history and told me that it was a beautiful area and that I should visit.  Needless to say, I would love to. We had a sausage and pepper sandwich, bought some bread, and then headed back home.

Tonight, I was treated to dinner at Casa Ramos by Jim and Joe and Kathy joined us too.  They wanted to thank me for doing the video for Joe's application for a service dog and it was a very enjoyable evening with yummy food and great conversation.