Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7 - 13, 2016, AZ

IMonday, March 7.  What a great start to the week - a bus trip to Boyce Thompson Arboretum with 7 other people from our community and 2 from Monte Vista.  We strolled the grounds, admiring the surroundings and the many wildflowers, majestic Eucalyptus trees, Lady Banks roses (native to this area), and soon to be blooming cactus.  I recognized a woman standing in the greenhouse - my friend Chris with 2 of her visiting friends.  Small world.  We stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Superior for lunch and got home around 2:00.  

Texas Mountain Laurel
Lady Banks Roses

Me, Judy, Gwenn, Arlene, Joan, and Marlen

Just a stump, but a beautiful one.

Tonight, I was invited to dinner at Nan and Dale's - her mother, Karen, is visiting from Wisconsin and Monica and Loren joined us too.  It was a great evening with family and a good topper to this day.

Friday, March 11.  Yesterday, I picked my cousin, Jo, and her friend Susan up at the airport, took Susan to her friend, Eloise's house, then Jo and I headed back to my house.  Naturally, we sat and drank wine after dinner until about 11:00 and caught up on the events since we had seen each other last June.

The morning, after making the broccoli salad for TGIF, we headed to the pool and hung out for a couple of hours.  The Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight was very good.  

On Tuesday, at the monthly community club meeting, we learned that the health department has dictated that we are no longer allowed to cook or prepare food in the clubhouse kitchen, any side dishes that are brought to share must have the ingredients listed so all can see, and nobody can serve the food, it must be self-serve.  That really puts a crimp in our style because we have always had someone volunteer to cook the main course (usually at the clubhouse kitchen) and then everyone brings a dish to pass.  We will work something out, but for now it is just a pot-luck with nothing prepared in the clubhouse.

Saturday, March 12.  The best way I could possibly start my day - FaceTime with Ben and the Grandkids.  Love it!

It was another nice day with Jo and a few others, starting with a morning walk, breakfast, the pool, then home to get ready to go to Filly's Roadhouse to hear some good country music with Connie, Susan, and Eloise.  We sat in a sunny spot, then it soon became shady and was a little bit on the cool side.  The place was full, cowboys and cowgirls arriving on horseback and a dance floor full of folks doing the two step and line dancing.  They are known for their chicken and I thought it was very good but the service was slooooow.

Eloise, Me, and Jo

Connie and Susan

The hitching post.

Before coming back to my house, we stopped to see the house that Ray and Jo bought at Viewpoint. It is very nice, he did a great job of furnishing it but unfortunately, since they are divorcing, she won't be part of it, although he is going to let her stay there when he is out of the country. She plans to spend some time there next week.

And then we sat out in my patio and talked and talked and talked some more.