Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28 - 31, 2016, AZ

Monday, March 28.  I just had to go shopping for the grandkid's this morning as I got some great coupons in the mail for Gymboree and they were also having a great sale.  I spent $100 and got each girl a summer dress and play outfit plus a fall dress that I will give for their birthday gifts.  Without the coupons and sale prices, I would have forked out $248 - I'm happy.

I heard from Kathy this morning and Chuck was doing well after his surgery, but they still don't know if there is any cancer - at least that part went well.  Hugs, Chuck and Kathy!

Thursday, March 31.  Not much happening around here, although I did have a few friends over for happy hour and pulled pork sandwiches last night.  Chris and Norm, Gerry and Jeannie, and Jane and Peggy came over, Pat and Rog donated the pork (didn't have room in their freezer when they left here), Chris made a yummy salad, and Gerry and Jeannie brought dessert. We had a great time, sitting in the sunny back yard (it's been chilly and windy here) watching the birds and telling stories.

Chris captured this photo of 2 Peach Faced Lovebirds kissing.