Sunday, September 2, 2018

September 1 - 2, 2018, MN

Sunday, September 2. Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet and silly Granddaughter, Charlotte.  This is the first year in many that I haven't celebrated with her in person - and it kind of hurts.  We did have some special times together recently and her gifts were chosen by her this year.  Time is sure flying by.  We were talking with Ben recently and reminded him that in 10 years from now, he will have two 15-year-olds and a 17-year old daughter - he said the thought scared him and that he was trying to prepare himself!

We have been in 'preparing for departure' mode the last few days, doing last minute chores.  We got groceries but now will probably have to get a few more tomorrow since the fresh fruits and many of the veggies have disappeared.  It also seems that we can't keep beer and other cocktail supplies stocked.

I was talking to ur neighbor, Patty,  yesterday and she told me that several of the long-time folks here ar going out for dinner next week and she was asked to invite 'the apple picker and Tom' o join them.  I nhave love narrative have a name, just a reputation. Ha! Ha!

Our destination on Tuesday is the Lake Arrowhead Campground in Montello, it is where Roger works for the summer.  Unfortunately, the area was hit very hard with high winds and storms earlier this week and many trees are down and roads are flooded and closed. Pat and Roger lost 27 trees in their yard - a big part of the reason that they  bought their cabin in the woods. It's been a hard-working summer for them as they just completed restraining their entire log house.

Plans are being made for spending the winter in Apache Junction,  but the places we are considering have not been answering their phones - we can't even get our questions answered.

Today was laundry day and we had so much to do that we took it all to a laundromat in Osseo.  After donating $1.25 in machines that either stole our money or weren't working, plus another $10.00, we were done. I'm not complaining about the cost, just feel they should have been a way to recoup the 'above and beyond' expense.