Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021

Tom had a nice weather day for his last day here and we walked to Thompson Park in the morning and spent the rest of the day doing laundry and getting ready for his departure. I took him to the airport around 5:00 and heard from him around 8:30 that he had arrived.  We had a nice time while he was here, too bad the weather wasn’t better. I guess it was typical for Minnesota though.

Mavis joined me for dinner on Friday night as I had 2 steaks thawed out as she is still recovering from a recent surgery - probably not feeling much like cooking. I know that top sirloin can be tough but the flavor is usually good and these sirloins were tough.  I’m going to stick to tenderloin and ribeye in the future.

The girls had dress-up day on Friday and Ben shared this photo. I immediately recognized Charlotte’s shirt as one that had belonged to me back in the 70s and I had passed it on to Ben. It brought back memories of my hippie dippy days. 

The cost of groceries has sure increased - Tom and I both spent about $140 this week and I saw a clip on the news last night about the increased cost of groceries.  I spend almost as much on groceries for myself as what I used to spend for both Mike and I.  I know there are ways that I could save some $$$ but I just go about buying whatever I want.

It is Garage Sale season again! Frisco and I spent a couple of hours driving around and stopping at sales on Saturday morning.  I bought a ‘string of pearls’ plant and a ceramic planter pot. My collection of plants is growing. 

I caught up on phone calls on Sunday and did some research for RV Parks for Tom and I in early June.  Every campground at every National, State, and County Park that I checked was fully booked on every weekend.  I have a feeling that this was caused by the increase in RV sales during Covid, as RV Travel has reported that an additional 500,000 plus RVs were sold last year. Also, I think people panicked and booked as many reservations as they could, just in case.  It will be interesting to see how things go for for Tom this summer - I hope to meet up with him at least a couple of times.