Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thursday, May 20

It’s been a busy week, mostly checking off items on my list for my upcoming road trip. First was an oil change and then I had to get some short pants as I’m heading to OK, AR, and MO where it is warmer and more humid than here. My first stop was Kohl’s where I learned that masks are now optional but encouraged and the dressing rooms were not open. I then headed to the outlet mall and was able to find some good sales and pants that fit well at Chico’s. Today, I realized that my car is also due for a tire rotation and I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow morning.

I’ve gotten a couple of good walks in but the last two days have been rainy. Today, every time Mavis and I went out for a walk it started to rain, so I probably haven’t even got 2 miles in today.

We went to the monthly birthday party in the club room this afternoon and I met a couple more residents that I hadn’t met before. It’s nice to sit and chat with several people, although very few come to the events.