Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

I left Bob’s at about 9:00 yesterday morning and headed for the Little Turtle RV Park near Eufala, OK where I will meet up with Tom and do some camping for a couple of weeks.  The trip was uneventful but with several stops - I had to potty, Frisco had to potty, we didn’t find a one-stop shop, I was hungry or I was tired, so I had 5 hours of driving time and a full hour of stops.

I arrived and Tom met me at the entrance and led me to our site. The park is nice and big with lots of amenities. We managed to get a walk in after our dinner at Watts BBQ, in between the rain drops.  It seems as if there is a huge cloud overhead as the ground is soaked and soggy everywhere, just as it was in Missouri.

Lake Eufala

Because of the recent signs of anxiety that Frisco has been showing, I got a prescription for Trazodone for him to help calm him down.  I gave it to him the day before I traveled and then cut the dose for the travel days. I don’t think I will give it to him again as it calmed him down but he sure didn’t sleep - awake both full days of driving.

I forgot to mention that I heard from the manager at Penelope 35 Apartments and I am number one on the list and they have an apartment available for me.  She is willing to hold it for me so I can give the required notice to vacate my current apartment. I accepted it and sent my 60 day notice to the Winslow. I will be moving the end of July - dang, I hope it’s the last one. Five different moves in the last five years hasn’t been fun.