Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sunday, April 16, 2023, MN

I looked out my window this morning and saw snow covering the beautiful green grass and a few spring bulbs that had popped out on the ground.  It reminded me of when we moved into the Starr Schoolhouse on Easter weekend, 1981 and woke up the a completely white ground cover. Another memory from that day was my friend George and his wife Veronica brought us an entire homemade ham dinner so we didn’t have to cook.  That was just the sweetest thing! 

This morning’s surprise came after a full nine days of beautiful, warming spring days - the temps even got up to 82° on Friday and Saturday.  Of course, I was hearing complaints that it was way too early and we had to turn on air conditioners and rummage through the closets to find warm weather clothes.  I loved it and managed to get some good walking in and people were out and about enjoying it after the long,  cold, snowy winter.

Speaking of walking, I spent most of the day at Ben’s house on Wednesday, and I took the dogs walking along an unpaved trail at Minnewashta Park. The grass hasn’t even popped up yet, as the snow has just melted and I even had to walk around a big pile of snow on the trail.  The lake is still frozen with open water along the shoreline.  That night, I woke up to a strange sensation and found a tick on my arm. Later on, another on my neck and one on the kitchen floor - they are out and about already.  I’m hoping that the cold spell we are having right now might slow the population of the ticks and mosquitos because the hot spell really brought them out fast and furious.

Back to Wednesday - I attended Norah’s music concert in the morning, did some shopping and then spent the day at Ben’s.  He was able to take a nice lunch break so we got to chat a bit.  We also pulled the canoe out of the garage as a guy was coming to check it out.  I have it listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace and fingers are crossed that it goes.  Yes, I have mixed feelings about selling it but it sure isn’t doing any good being stored in a garage. The guy who came to see it is a freestyle canoeist, in search of a Loonworks Canoe, and is familiar with the brand and with Tom’s work - he’s just not 100% sure this is the canoe for him. I have a good feeling about it though and am waiting to hear from him again (he had some questions to ask of a friend).

On Thursday, I met up with Mavis and Mary at the Yankee Tavern for lunch.  The silly girls brought me a birthday gift and also paid for my lunch.  We sat out on the patio, shared a 6-piece chicken dinner and lots of fun conversation and had a really enjoyable time.  I kind of miss the atmosphere at the Winslow apartments - a little more social and Mavis and Mary were always willing to do fun things.  Here, people aren’t up to that kind of thing - many are challenged financially or physically.

I had a steady stream of neighbors coming to my apartment on Thursday to shop for hair care products that Jill donated.  I was able to get rid of most of it, but the remaining stuff was put in the donation area in our laundry.