Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday, April 23, 2023, MN

When I took my car in for an oil change on Friday, I had hoped to get a good walk in while I waited for the car, but it was darned cold, 33° and windy, so the farthest I got was to the Civic Center. I love going there because they have a small gallery that features local artists.  I saw a display of fragmented collage art and it really didn’t do a lot for me.  One of the artists used vintage and retro magazines to create his works and that was the exhibit that I liked the best. The other gallery had beautiful photography on display. The civic center has a really cool piece of work hanging from the ceiling and this is it - from below and above.

I attended a presentation on Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Healing in our community room in the afternoon. We were entertained by Dr. Roth and his companion from India who played a 150 year old stringed instrument called a Sarinda.  We sang, meditated, prayed, and ate and I found it to be very spiritual and calming.

Camille had a sleepover with me on Friday night and she cooked dinner for me.  She made fried cheese and quesadillas and my contribution was a salad.  It makes me feel so good to see how they are growing up, learning life skills and becoming really nice girls.  She also helped with the cleanup and I let her watch a video while I did the dishes.  We watched the movie “If I Could Ride” and found it to be long and slow and not of the best quality, but a good story nonetheless.  It was 11:00 when we went to bed and then I heard all about the twins getting braces in a few days and how their teeth are identical and need the exact same corrections - I guess that’s twinsies for you.

Yesterday after breakfast, we did what we usually do on sleepovers - makeup. And then we did our Earth Day contribution to make the world a better place and went outdoors and picked up trash around our property and along the street near my home.  Our hands were freezing (today’s high was 34°) and we had to call it quits, but not before we had a trash bag full.

We headed for the Eden Prairie mall where they were having an Eco Expo but it was mainly booths related to eco-friendly products for the home but they did have a section for kids where we got to pet baby goats and learn about how they are used to eradicate buckthorn and other invasive species. Of course, I found that to be very interesting. Camille - not so much.  We stopped and had a glass of tea before heading to the Art Center that was closed.  A little more shopping and then I took her back home and hung out for a while.

And now I plan to have a lazy day appreciating the quiet of my home and doing anything I feel like doing - what
a busy week it was!