Thursday, April 27, 2023

Thursday, April 27, 2023, MN

Happy 75th Birthday to ME! It seems strange, but I’ve lived every day of it and I sure wish I had more memories of my childhood years.  I feel very fortunate that my life has been good - there have been ups and downs but that is what life is and I think there have been more ups than downs.  I am thankful for my wonderful family and the many, many friends I’ve heard from.  Life is Good!

This is the only photo from my walk this morning along the trail at Girard Park.

At one point, it appeared to have the shape of a heart on the rock but maybe it was my imagination.  After our walk, I stopped at a grocery store and Joey jumped out of the car without me knowing it. The friendly man who was gathering grocery carts noticed and I had a hard time catching him.  He does not come when I call and just ran around the lot like a crazy dog and there is a busy road nearby. Fortunately, he came to a stop near a fence and I was able to get him back on the leash.  For some reason, he seams to be extra skittish the last couple of weeks and I’m not sure where that is coming from.

I had art class with Genevieve on Tuesday and we did glass fusing, always a fun project.  This is my project and I think it’s going to hang in my bathroom. I seem to have a thing about birds these days, but then I’ve always kind of liked and and liked watching them.

Speaking of birds - I saw and heard a lot of them on my walk this morning; Canada Goose, Red Winged Blackbird, Thrush, Robin, Chickadee, Nuthatch, and even a Great Blue Heron.  Back at home, I noticed a little bird flitting around the birch tree outside my window and was able to identify it as a Northern Parula Warbler, one I have never seen before - another thing to celebrate on my birthday!