Thursday, April 6, 2023

Thursday, April 6, 2023, MN

Last week was another busy one that involved a cute little crafting project with the girls after school. I cut out the materials and we proceeded to make little bunny holders for Hersheys Kisses that they could give to their friends and family. It was fun and they did a really great job except that they don’t understand the ‘less is more’ concept - they use way too much of my expensive double sided tape and glue dots. Doing projects keeps us all engaged and talking, otherwise they just want to be on devices.

It was finally starting to look like spring where the sidewalks were clear and we could see a lot more ground but Mother Nature played a dirty April Fool’s joke on us when we woke up Saturday morning to another 8” of snow on the ground and it has been cold and yucky ever since, until today. It’s still cold but the sun has been shining all day and the forecasts look great for warming up and melting the snow.

I headed for Ben and Jill’s house Sunday morning to spend the week with Yoshi, as it is Spring Break and they are off to Chicago to the museums and to Wisconsin Dells to a water park.  My good friend, Leslie came up for a visit and we spent the next three days talking, drinking, eating, watching movies, and some sightseeing.  I fixed dinner on Sunday but didn’t cook a thing after that.  

We went to lunch at North Coop on Monday and bought a sandwich to take home for dinner that night.  We were both ready for a nap later that afternoon and we watched the Top Gun Maverick movie that night.  Tuesday was a miserable, rainy day but we headed to Stillwater and checked out a few shops and had a nice lunch before heading back home.  The town is concerned about the St Croix River flooding in the next few days, so there were lots of trucks hauling sand and equipment moving it around to create a berm for protection.  Fingers crossed that the town isn’t trashed.  

I went back to Penelope yesterday to help out with the food truck.  Then, when I got back home, Leslie and I headed to the Edina Theater to see “Air” - a movie about the Nike Corporation and the Air Jordan shoe that has made them and Michael Jordan lots of money through the years.  We had dinner at Maynard’s here in Excelsior and had a nice table by the windows overlooking the lake, good drinks, and an excellent dinner.  We sat up talking until 11.

Leslie headed back home this morning at about 10:30 and I proceeded to do my housecleaning job.  I’ve got two days, so I didn’t push it.  When I finished, I took a nice long soak in their soaking tub and boy, did that feel good.  It’s a beautiful, sunny but chilly 34° day, so I took the dogs for a nice, long walk.