Sunday, April 9, 2023

Sunday, April 9, 2023, MN

Three mornings of waking to sunshine makes me feel real happy. Also this morning, I am happy to back in my own home, sitting on the couch having coffee, looking out the window to see more grass than snow on the ground. A couple more of these sunny 60° days will make the rest of it disappear. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

I took Yoshi and Joey to walk the trails around Lake Minnewashta Park yesterday and it was very enjoyable walk - other than their initial tugging on the leash.  Joey is getting much better at walking with a loose leash but Yoshi wants to pull constantly. He is more used to running in the off-leash parks than walking these days. 

I had a nice long chat with Ben after they got home and got unpacked. It sounds like they had a fun time seeing the sights of Chicago and then playing at a water park in Wisconsin Dells.  They had a fancy dinner at an all gluten free restaurant and that was a real highlight for Camille and Norah. Those places are few and far between and are very expensive.

Joey and I also took an evening walk through the neighborhood after getting settled back into my apartment and that felt good - a sign of the times for the next several months.