Monday, June 3, 2024

Monday, June 3, 2024, MN

 Last week was pretty uneventful. Most of my time was spent reading, crafting, and getting things ready for our upcoming family reunion.  I made a trip to Costco to pick up the plates and napkins and cut up the name tags that were printed on full sheets of paper, eight name tags to a page.  My handy card making supplies always come in handy for a project like that.

It was also the week to give Joey a haircut and that process starts with a bath and good brushing.  The next day, after our walk, the table gets set up, the clippers readied and the cutting process begins.  He is such a good boy about it and each time we make new progress.  This time, he let me use the clippers on his legs and that saves a lot of time doing less scissor work.  I usually have to do some adjustments a day or so after that as I find areas that I missed or are uneven.  

I’ve worked in the gardens a bit on nice days or when I feel like I have the energy and my body isn’t hurting.  Whenever I go out there, I try to apply some of the compost that was delivered and I picked up a few annuals to add some color out there.  

Tracey was finally able to go home on Saturday. I haven’t talked to Pat to see how that is going yet, I think they need some time to adjust.  Life just isn’t going to be the same for them now.  

This lottery ticket paid off for me this week - $50 worth! Yay!