Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024, WI

 Reunion Day! We loaded up the cars with food, photos, coolers, chairs, and even vases of flowers for the tables (thanks to Dawn) and got to the park by 10:30 to get set up.  Jonnie made these beautiful photo boards for each of my aunts and uncles and we all brought photos to put on them.  She also made this lovely board so folks could have their photos taken in front of it.

We ended up with 77 people attending and some of them came from as far away as Alaska, Phoenix, and Missouri. I had a chance to chat with almost everyone - I think I missed 3 or 4.  We had about an hour of rain and it was not a very warm day but that didn’t stop us from having a nice time and visiting with so many.  The food was delicious and there was plenty of it.  All in all, it was an absolutely lovely time.

We loaded up our cars and headed back to Dawn’s where we unloaded, put stuff away, and sat down and had a gin and tonic, but only relaxed for about a half hour before heading out to Jonnie’s house as he Alaska and Arizona folks were hanging out there.  We only stayed for an hour or so, then headed back into Stoughton to meet Bob and Penny for a drink. 

It’s not often these days that I am on the move all day and this one was from 6am to 10 pm. I was tired.