Thursday, June 20, 2024

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, MN

 Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I had nothing on the calendar and I took advantage of it with two reading/naps during the day and two walks through the neighborhood.  The evening walk helped me to get a good night of sleep.

Camille performed in the “Willy Wonka Kids” play on Saturday and she did a great job, didn’t seem to be nervous at all.  We all gave her flowers after the show. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any photos while there but should get to see them when they are provided to her parents.  It was a well done production and I’m proud of her for wanting to be involved.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we spent it at Lois and Dennis’ house - visiting and eating yummy food, as always.

I helped with the Food Truck delivery on Monday and it was different as a couple of volunteers have quit because of the coordinator’s rude and bossy behavior at the two previous food truck events (she was angry because she thought we started to do cleanup before all residents were through. It was a misunderstanding on the volunteers part and she reacted in a very unprofessional way). I was prepared to resign if I felt any sense of anxiety or tension this week, but she seems to have turned it around.  My rationalization was that I am volunteering for the residents in my building and they all appreciate it so much - not for her.

I had a haircut appointment with Shirley on Tuesday and it felt good to get that done again. 

I set out to repot my orchid plant yesterday but questioned the planting medium that Dawn had given me.  I was sure that she told me that she used Sphagnum Moss and wood mulch but the container that she gave me was moss and hay.  I did some online research and saw nothing about using hay, so I called her. She laughed and said that she must have had a brain fart that day and gave me the wrong stuff. I went to the Greener Gardens store and bought a bag of soil and couldn’t resist a bit of shopping  at the Assistance League Thrift Store that is right next door.  Now, I hope that my orchid doesn’t have a setback - it has been doing so well but had no room to make new roots.

It was a beautiful day so I spent a bit of time doing some cleanup in the perennial gardens here at my apartment complex.