Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Thursday, June 6, 2024, WI

I had Joey walked and dropped off an Deb’s for the week, was loaded up and on the road by 8 am, heading for Wisconsin and the big family reunion that has been in the planning stages since last September.  The drive was nice, uneventful, with not a lot of construction delays and I made it to the 1873 Grille in Portage where I met up with Pat and Roger and Sharon for lunch.  I ordered a Bloody Mary and got a 12 ounce glass with celery, olives, beef stick, cheese stick, and pickle and a beer chaser - so that was my lunch. We had a very nice visit and then I headed to Stoughton.

It was so nice to see Tracey at her own home and to see how well she is doing.  She still has a long way to go and her current goals are to be able to pull up and take down pants without assistance, to shower without assistance, and to be able to use her computer and phone better. She is walking great with a walker and doing most other things herself. Pat is being a good caretaker.

When I got to Dawn’s house, she and friends Paul and Ann had just arrived from Gazebo Music. Dawn fixed us a yummy Rhubarb and mint martini and we watched some PBS shows except we didn’t see much of the shows because there was too much conversation going on.