Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thursday, June 13, 2024, WI

 It has been a busy week and the days have been full.  It is so nice to see Tracey’s progress every day.  Pat took me driving in her Prius so I would know how the high tech car worked and he also showed me how to get her from the house to the car.  Her shower on Monday morning went well and it made me feel good to help her feel good.  I goofed and had the time wrong for her therapy appointment and got her there in the morning, but the appointment wasn’t until the afternoon, so that meant two car trips in one day and a little extra walking therapy.  She was a trooper.  When we left for her afternoon appointment, she stumbled and came down on her butt on the porch. While she sat there regaining her composure, a neighbor came over to help and we managed to get her up (minor scrapes) and to her therapy and all went well the rest of the day.

Tuesday was a day of rest for Tracey and I did some house cleaning while she took a nap.  We also paid some of her bills.  I went to Culver’s to meet up with classmates and it was nice to see a bunch of gals from high school days and catch up on the classmate, Stoughton, and family news.  While we sat there, we watched a truck fire in the lot next door. When I left, it was nothing but a charred skeleton of a truck.

After dinner, I went back to Dawn’s and visited with her and Randy until bedtime.

I was back with Tracey at 7am on Wednesday and she had a shower and an online doctor appointment in the morning and both physical and occupational therapy in the afternoon.  All went well again.  

After dinner, I met my friend Doug at La Cantina and had a yummy margarita and a nice catch-up visit with him. I was hoping for an early night but sat and talked with Dawn and Randy for a while after I got back to Dawn’s house. I think the margarita helped me to get a good night of sleep.

Today there were no appointments but Tracey’s aunt Diane came over in the morning to visit and then her mom and godmother, Carolyn came by to get some tips on how to help her tomorrow and next week. I got some groceries while Diane was here so she would have a good dinner tonight and some healthy snacks for a few days, as I am heading back home tomorrow.

It has been a good week and I feel good about being able to help with some things that were getting backed up; paid bills, did laundry, house cleaning, organizing her dresser and her prescriptions.  They are both so great full for the help and gave Pat some peace of mind when he was at work. I think I’m leaving with things in good order and she is making great strides toward doing things on her own and training her left side to function better.  Once she does a movement with her hand and arm - the muscle memory remembers it and helps her to be able to do it the next time.  It is an amazing healing process for the body and she is working hard to be independent once again.