Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13 - 19, 2015, IA, MN

IMonday, July 13.  It wasn't long this morning and I was drained, hooked up, and ready to leave the resort. It's a good thing because it will be another hot one. Initially, I had planned to go as far as Webster City where I had read about a nice county park campground but decided to push on to Forest City where I also knew about a nice little city park along the Winnebago River, and have a friend from my community in Mesa who lives there.  I gave her a call and she said she would be around and she would pick me up so we could have dinner together.

It's a good thing it isn't later in the week because the annual Winnebago owners gathering starts in a week and many arrive early.  The park was pretty full but I got a nice site in the shade.  Betty picked me up and we went to her condo and gabbed for a while before heading out for burgers at the next town to the north.  We also stopped at the local Winnebago dealer's new store so I could get a fuse so my inside lights would work again.  Dinner was nice and we had a nice visit

Sunday, July 19.  
Days are full with dog walks, walks to school and back, trips to parks, playgrounds and pools, fixing meals, doing laundry, changing diapers, playing, reading stories, and a multitude of other activities.  Jill is one incredible mother and housekeeper.  I applaud her energy and accomplishments.  I know there was a day that I was a busy mom too, but I never had the three so close in age to contend with.  There are many times that they all get along well, but many that are competitive and all 3 are always wanting Mom's attention at all times.

Jill worked this morning and then went to Mankato to help her parents do some packing and to go through some of Casey's things and retrieve her childhood stuff before their move to Chaska.  Ben and I were at home with the kids.  We took them swimming both days in the morning and Ben somehow found time to make 2 delicious dinners - a stir fry yesterday and tacos with skirt steak, beans, rice, and all of the trimmings tonight.  Dinner tonight was a disaster because Charlotte wasn't listening to Grandma ended up having a time-out just when dinner was ready.  After that, everything was fine.