Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6 - 12, 2014, WI, MO

Tuesday, July 7.  I spent yesterday preparing to take off this morning, Kansas City is my destination and the weekend event is our first family reunion since 2003 to be held at Basswood Resort in Platte City, MO.  It's a good thing I got ready early because lots of rain and thunderstorms were predicted.   The day was cloudy and humid and it only rained when I was hooking up the trailer to the car.  No additional rain until about 11 pm and then we got a good soaker.  We continue to have hazy skies due to the large fires up in Alberta, Canada - yesterday and today, because the cold front pushed it our way.  When I took off this morning, the Wisconsin countryside looked more like the Smoky Mountains, with layers of greens on the hillsides.

I checked in at the KOA in Adel, IA and made 4 trips to the office before I settled in.  First - to check in where I bought a bottle of wine, second - to purchase a much needed donut for the sewer connection and to see if I could return that bottle of wine because I didn't pay attention when I bought it and paid $20 - third, to take the bottle and receipt back, and fourth - to provide my credit card so I could get the refund. Ggrrrrr - senior moments?

Wednesday, July 8.  I made the trek to Blue Springs with no problems yesterday, had rain a good part of the drive, took 2 wrong turns, but arrived safely.  Rita and I did some of the shopping for the reunion and it's going to cost us each only about $5-6 for food. I can't wait to see all of the little cousins playing together, there should be 10 of them ranging in age from 7 to 2ish.

Friday, July 10.  Just as I was leaving Rita's to head to the resort for the reunion, Bob called to say it was pouring rain near there.  Yuck!  It held off until I got setup and when Rick and Randy arrived we had a chance to visit before the rain started again.  Family members trickled in through the evening and we all congregated at the covered shelter near my site.  Everyone is in cabins but they are scattered throughout the park - it's a big place with 4 lakes, several cabins, 2 playgrounds, pools, and scheduled activities.  The playground is right next door, so the little ones played as long as it wasn't rainIng too hard.  The tether ball pole is sitting in a couple of inches of water but it didn't bother them one bit.

A break in the rain brought out a beautiful rainbow and we all felt that it was a sign from those that can't be here with us.  To me, it was Mike.

Ben and Jill put their kids to bed and then I went and sat with them so those guys could catch up with their cousins.  Stella reminded us that the last time they were together, none of them were parents yet and that meant that we weren't grandparents yet, either.  When I got back to my trailer, the party was still going on, so I turned on the AC to drown out the noises and hit the sack.

Saturday, July 11.  The party started at the pool this morning and all of the kids sure had a ball.  My nephew, Anthony and his family joined us there and we all got to meet him, his wife Ashley, and their 3 daughters Hayley, age 7, Lily, age 5, and Isabel who is 2, and his mother Lisa (I haven't seen her since her divorce from my brother Ray).  They all fit right in and joined the festivities.

Jill and Julie
Ali, Lanae, and William
Brittany, Michelle, Ali, Julie, Rita, Penny, Ashley
Julie, Ashley, Rita, Penny
Barley, Ashley, Lincoln, Bob
Charlotte, Barley, Olivia
Charlotte, Lily, and Olivia
Julie, William, Lanae, randy, Mike, Anthony, Stells, Dennis

The group pic.  Top, left to right - Aaron with Olivia, Rita, Lisa (Ray's ex), Anthony with Lily and Isabel, Ashley, Hayley, Rose, Barley, Ben, Camille, Julie, Jill, Norah, Joel, Charlotte, Penny with Harlow, Lincoln, Amber
Bottom:  Rick, Dennis, Josh, Mike, Rene, Christel, Brittany, William, Lanae, Randy,mAli, Michelle, Ryan, Bob, Chase

We all met at the pavilion for sandwiches and salads that everyone brought.  When the little ones went down for naps, everyone kind of did their own thing, many going back to the pool since it was a hot and humid 90 degree day.  I took Charlotte to my camper for some quiet time and we read, colored, had a tea party, and some quiet play until she was ready for the playground again.  It wasn't long and it was time to get dinner together.

Our menu was Costco Lasagna, Caesar Salad, and garlic bread. Penny, Rita, and Jill each baked 2 pans, I made the salad, and Rita did the garlic bread.  Everyone else pitched in to get the tables ready. Dinner was a big hit - most of the food was gone and we all enjoyed snippets of conversation here and there.  That is the trouble with large gatherings, you really don't get much of chance for a good conversation.  After dinner, Olivia brought out her dress up clothes to share with the other little girls and they pranced and danced and had a good time.  Rene brought dolls and beads for the kids and Stella provided sidewalk chalk.  The music came on and we danced and had a nice time.  There were a few late night get stragglers that gathered at Stella and Josh's cabin for a campfire.

Sunday, July 12.  By 11:00, all cabins were closed up and vacated and their occupants did the circle to say their farewells, then headed back to KC, Springfield, and Minneapolis.  I stayed and spent most of the day inside in the AC - it was hot, hot, hot and humid  and it felt more like Florida than Missou.  I did walk up to the store and got to talking with the clerk, learning that she and her husband live at Val Vista Village, across the street from me in Mesa.  What a small world we live in.  Once my site was fully shaded, I took my awning down and got my hoses ready for the morning departure.  It was early to bed for me.