Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019, AZ

I sure do love my little dog, but it was nice for the last few days, to get up in the morning, have coffee, and NOT have to scurry outdoors for his potty break.  After breakfast, Tom and I walked to the gas station and got his newspaper and then I went to Bark Avenue to rescue Frisco from his boarding adventure.  He was one happy guy, panting and lying in the seat next to me getting his belly rubbed most of the way home and then when we pulled into Shiprock, he actually cried and whimpered.

I cleaned for Jim and Shirley this morning and when I got back home, Tom had the trailer hooked up and I organized and secured the inside. He took it to Frontline Suspension to have the axles checked and left it overnight.  We spent the night at Karen’s house in Highlands, in exchange for the cleaning work that I have been doing for her.  The house is for sale and has minimal furnishings, but it worked out fine for us.

Tom picked up pizza and salad from Papa Murphy’s and we took it over to Connie’s for dinner and drinks. It sure was nice to hang out with her and it felt like old times.