Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Monday, March 25, 2019, AZ

Saturday’s activity was to meet up with Chaney and we did so at Olive Garden near Fiesta Mall. We had a great 2-hour visit and a tasty lunch.

It was time for another breakfast meetup yesterday with Manny and Linda and Ron. This time, we met at Raging Bull. Their breakfast was tasty but left a few things to be desired, such as NOT crispy bacon and potatoes and it wasn’t served HOT. We will check that one off the last and go back to some of the tried and true spots that we’ve gone to in the past. We had a very nice visit and then said our goodbyes until the fall when we meet up again. Good folks, good times.

We went to the pool in the afternoon and that sure did feel good. 

I talked with Pat, then Ben and the kids a bit this afternoon. The big news from MN is that Charlotte lost one of her front teeth.  She looks so cute!

This morning was the first time that this spring that I have walked Frisco without any kind of jacket. The days have been warming, temps reached 80 today and nights have been in the upper 50s.

Tom had some errands to run, so I did some housekeeping and cleaned the outdoor furniture so it would be clean for packing up and storing during our travels.

We met Jim, Sue, Connie and Lois at the courtyard at Val Vista Village this afternoon and enjoyed some beers, conversation, laughter and even did the electric slide on the dance floor with Connie and about 50 other folks.  Again, a few hours with good friends and good times. Tom and I stopped at the Lotus Garden for dinner before heading back home.