Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday, March 3, 2019, AZ

Today was a busy, fun-filled day spent with Manual and Linda. We met for breakfast at their house and when his 2 daughters, Avery and Minnie and son-in-law, Jason arrived, we all headed out in their Jeeps for some off road driving in the Tonto National Forest.  We started at the Bulldog Canyon trail, about 12 miles through pretty rough terrain and gorgeous views of Four Peaks and Weaver’s Needle. Jason has a beefed up Wrangler and he took off on some very pitted, hilly climbs and descents. Manny got brave and followed and ended up with only one wheel in contact with the road in a really rutted descent.  He managed to wriggle his way out of it, but Jason was at the ready in case he had to hook u his winch and pull him out.

The next trail we took was the Butcher Jones trail (Forest Roads 1813 & 1814) and it wound up at the beach on Saguaro Lake. On the way back, Tom and I were a bit timid about a hill that those guys climbed and we tried to find an alternate route. We ended up turning back and while pondering the situation, the rest of the group came back to guide us through.  Linda and I walked up the hill to meet them and several folks stopped to offer help if we needed it. 

We stopped to eat at the Lakeshore Restaurant before heading back home. It was a long, fun, dusty day with good folks!