Friday, March 29, 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019, AZ

It has been a busy week with cleaning jobs (the last of the season), Dr. Roland appointments (the last of the season), and Thursday morning coffee also the last of the season), and grocery shopping.

The sunset on Tuesday night was gorgeous! The picture doesn’t do justice.

Tom had the trailer washed and waxed on Tuesday and it sure does look bright and shiny and ready for the trip.  Another preparation that he did was to get his oil changed. The appointment that he setup at Brakes Plus for Monday was messed up because  they had no appointment in their books for him and it was going to be at least an hour before they could get him in.  He came back home, called around and got another for Wednesday.  It went just fine until he got back home, checked his oil and learned that they hadn’t put on the filter that he brought with him and then, after checking farther, they hadn’t used the oil that he brought in - they used bulk oil that they kept in the shop and he didn’t want that.  So he took it back and they got it right the second time.  I’m convinced that great customer service has gone by the wayside and that ‘do it right the first time’ is easy thing of the past.

We made it to the pool a couple of times and enjoyed the warmth and conversation.  The common topic is when you are leaving and where are you going.  At least 3 units have pulled out this week and others are packing up and getting ready.

Our highlight for today was to see Lakin in his school play, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.   He is the only 6th grader to have one of the lead roles, playing Barry Beauregarde, the scrappy kid who is constantly chewing gum.  He ends up eating a gum ball that causes him to turn purple and swell up like a blueberry (Blue Barry). Of course, he is the star in our eyes, but they all did an excellent performance and the soundtrack, props and costumes were great too!  

Lakin showing us the effects of eating the mystery gum ball.