Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday, June 20, 2021

I left home by 8:00 am on Friday morning, heading for Stoughton to attend the Celebration of my eldest cousin, Fran’s life.  She passed on December 11, 2020 at the age of 94 and she was strong in mind, but weak in body and suffered a stroke that caused her decline. Everyone believes that her isolation from Covid19 was a factor.

Fran was my Mother's best friend, my  Godmother and my namesake, Frances Rose.  I have nothing but fond memories of her, as one of the best examples of my life, a woman who would welcome anyone to her home with open arms. There was always enough room at her table for one or a few more, and always enough food. She made some of the best cookies and her Special K bars were to die for. I have two of the many quilts she made and others are with all of her family members. You never needed to call ahead to visit - just open the door and call out “is anyone home?”. Not only was she Godmother to me, but to all of my siblings and many of my cousins. Fran was high on my list and I never visited Stoughton without including a visit to her.  She is missed by so many!

Fran and her husband, Fran, bought their home right after they married in 1947 and they lived there until her health would no longer allow her to stay there. Like I said previously, they were the ultimate example of how to be a good person and to treat everyone with fairness and to help others whenever you can.

The event was an enjoyable connection of family and the sharing of stories and memories of Fran. 

Back row: Me and Jonnie
Front row: Kenny, Gerta, JoAnne, and Rita

I also enjoyed spending time with Pat and Tracey and Dawn.  A whirlwind trip, but very enjoyable.