Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I didn’t do much over the weekend other than enjoy being back home, getting caught up on phone calls, getting back into a walking routine with Mavis, and stocking up on produce and a few other groceries.

Monday was a full day. First on my ‘to do’ list was to meet with the manager here at the Winslow to pay my rent penalty (they are allowing me to break my lease early) and to see if she would drop the charges for the last half of November that they say I was given free as a concession. I did sign my lease on November 19 but didn’t move in until the 27th and I was told that they wouldn’t charge me for those days, as they were out of the office for the Thanksgiving holiday.  After showing her that there was nothing on my lease stating I would pay for part of November, she agreed and dropped those charges - $385 that I don’t have to pay her makes me happy.

Next was to go to my new apartment building, Penelope 35, and sign the necessary papers and give her my financial information.  I also got to see my new apartment and I’m happy with the new flooring and with the location. My views are park-like, with lots of trees and are far enough from the street that I can hardly see it and I have convenient access to the exterior door leading to the parking lot and dog walking area.  I have a good feeling about this move.

Mavis and I went to Easter Lutheran Church and picked up groceries this afternoon, from the Fare for All group. There are several package options and I got the mini meat and product option for $25 and this is what was included: ground beef, ground turkey, pork tenderloin, frozen battered chicken breast, brats,  celery, carrots, onions, potato’s, radishes, lemon, peppers and complimentary frozen cheesecake. Many of the products are grown locally. I don’t think I could have walked out of the grocery store with that much at that price.  They have weekly pickups at various places throughout the cities.

After unloading our stuff at home, Mavis, Mary, and I went to the Fireside for dinner, a neighborhood bar and restaurant - thanks for the treat, Mavis! One of the specials was meatloaf and I’m glad I chose it - it was delicious! We sat there and talked for a couple of hours and had such a nice time. We went to Mavis’s for an after dinner drink and talked some more.  It was such a nice evening!