Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday, June 8, 2021

Randy swung by and picked us up at 9:30 yesterday morning and we were on the road heading for an afternoon at Mike and Rene’s near Warsaw.  Along the way, Randy told us about seeing a herd of Camel along the road in the past and sure enough, we spotted a couple of them off in the distance and realized that they were offering rides.  We did a U-turn and went back to check it out.  The owner had been working with camels since he was sixteen years old and they actually have a herd of eighteen but were only working two of them today. Their plan is to start a petting zoo and offer rides on several different animals.  We took a short ride on Dean - a gentle giant - an unexpected adventure and I’m glad that I did it.

We arrived at Rene and Mike’s and I got a long-missed hug from my younger sister. It sure is good to see her and Mike.  We had some good conversation, a couple of beers, the guys shot Randy’s black powder cannon, took a jaunt to the lake until it threatened to rain, and then had some lunch in Mike’s shop where we were protected from that rain.  The afternoon went quick and it was soon time to say goodbye and head on back to Springfield.

Today was an active one - starting with laundry this morning and then Tom was able to get an appointment to have his truck checked out, so in between loads, we dropped it off at a mechanic that Randy and Julie recommended. Back at the trailer, I decided that I hadn’t had a chance to see Julie (she was out of town over the weekend) yet so I texted and learned that she was just hanging out at home. When I got there, I also got to have a bonus visit with their daughter, Lanae. Life is good!

Tom called to let me know that he learned that the truck’s problem is in the differential and they couldn’t do the job, so he had to pick it up and take it to the local Chevy dealer.  I picked him up, we picked the truck up and then took it to Reliable Chevrolet where they can take a look at it tomorrow. We play the wait and see game again.  We were both kind of tired and sick of running, so we picked up some chicken and stayed home, took a nice walk and enjoyed the quiet of our site.

Mavis, this one’s for you! Our site at Ozark Highlands.

Ticks - have I mentioned how many of those little blood sucking pests I have found on me and Frisco (his are dead)? I picked at least 10+ off me in Oklahoma, found a few when we were in Arkansas, and have  also found a few on me here in Missouri. Tom had to pull one off my butt cheek today and then I found another behind my knee when I was visiting with Julie and Lanae. I have also picked up a few Chiggers along the way. What is it that they like about me? Every day I have checked Frisco and shaken his bed and I’ve found several dead ones on there.  Too bad humans can’t be treated for the creepy critters - in my book - the only good tick is a dead tick.