Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Yesterday morning, Tom and I picked Julie up at her house and we went to Lake Springfield for a hike. It was hot and humid, but a bit cooler in the shady spots along the trail. We met and chatted with a couple of friendly women along the way - one with a cute little rescue dog and the other with some gardening experience and she identified a plant that we were curious about.

Tom wanted to wash the crud off his truck and fill up with gas so he wouldn’t have to worry about it while he was pulling the trailer. When we got back to our site, I took mine out and got it filled up and ready.  While Tom was hooking up and cleaning the tanks, I packed the things that I wouldn’t be needing any more on the trip.

We met Randy and Julie at the Brickyard Brewery for dinner and had a good beer and a really good chat. 

This morning, Randy came over for a final hug and we took a little walk and were on the road by 10:30 with a 4-hour drive ahead of us, in a direct northwest direction - a beautiful drive through the Missouri countryside. We stopped to stretch just outside Clinton and then for gas near Higginsville. The day was beautiful, but pretty hot and humid and we arrived at 2:30. It is a brand new park with nice full hookup sites that all have covered picnic tables and fire pits.  

It’s a beautiful park!
The RV Park’s website gave a warning with alternate routes for RV’s, as there is a narrow and old railroad bridge on the south side of the park and it could not accommodate an RV. We went a few miles out of our way on narrow country roads to approach from the north. Once we saw the bridge, we could understand, although the sign on the bridge said the limit was 12,000 tons.  It was rickety and has a log base that we could hear rattle every time a vehicle went over it.

This is our campsite after dark. Can you spot Frisco?

I am ready to head back home, a 2+ week vacation is enough for me these days. Tom and I have done some fun things and I’ve been able to connect with family that I haven’t seen since pre-COVID times. Life is good!