Monday, June 28, 2021

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Not much went on yesterday except for a few garage sales in the morning.  I also started to pack, putting some things that won’t be used in boxes. Doing a little each day will make for a much easier move.

I had taken some ground beef out of the freezer and decided to make a pot of goulash. Since there was so much of it, I invited Mavis to join me for dinner and then we watched a movie together - a nice way to spend a Saturday night.

She and I went shopping at the outlet mall this afternoon and when I got back home, I had a message from Nan and Dale, who are passing through southern Minnesota in their motor home, on their way to Wisconsin. So I packed up a few cans of Spotted Cow beer and the remaining Goulash and Frisco and I headed to Albert Lea for a visit.  It sure was nice to see them again, to see their motor home, and talk about their recent adventures. I’m happy for them.