Friday, February 11, 2022

Friday, February 11, 2022, AZ

This week is going way too fast. Daily temperatures have eased up to the 80s and it feels like summertime.  Tom had an appointment on Wednesday, so I had him drop me off for a visit with Arlene and it was so nice to see her again.  She has aged and her vision is even worse since I last saw her, but is still sharp mentally and witty as can be. We sat out in their lovely back yard talking and talking and watching the birds flit around.  I was excited to see the Gambel Quail, Cactus Wren, Curve-billed Thrasher and even a couple of hummingbirds in their beautiful back yard sanctuary, but I was unable to get a decent photo. Sharla joined us for a while but wanted to leave us to catch up and then when Tom got there to pick me up, we all talked for a while.  I have always said that it is so sad that Arlene lost her sight to Macular Degeneration, as it has grounded her and she would be such a fun person to travel with and have adventures.

Yesterday was busy from morning to night, starting with the monthly resident’s meeting at the clubhouse with free coffee and donuts provided by the managers. It was an informative meeting and I was able to see some of the folks I had met on previous stays here.  There are two upcoming events that we thought we would go to - Chili Cookoff and Valentine’s Dinner and Dance, but we forgot to sign up immediately after the meeting and they had already taken the signup sheets down when we got there about a half hour later.  

After our walk, I headed out to Monica’s house. She lives in Peoria which is almost 50 miles away and an hour’s drive. We both had tears in our eyes when we saw each other and her 3-month old son, Logan is as precious as a baby can be.  He has recently started to smile, have eye contact, and coo.  We were joined by Nan, Dale, and Karen (Monica’s Grandma) - had some lunch while Logan napped and then Nan and Dale left to run errands.  I held and fed Logan and had a wonderful visit with Monica and we were joined by Loren when he got off work.  Monica and Loren will be wonderful parents and Logan will have a good life filled with love.

Four Generations of the Marsh Family

I left there by 3:00, hoping to avoid some of the rush hour traffic but it took me an additional half-hour to get back to Apache Junction with a few backups along the way.  Tom and I had dinner at Panda Express - it as fresh but flavorless.