Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday, February 4, 2022, AZ

It has been a very pleasant week, although we have had cool winter temps that haven’t even reached 60°, it has felt good to get outdoors for walks with a little bundling and to see the sunshine and views of the surrounding mountains.  Tom had some appointments on Wednesday and I even sat on the patio with my back to the wind and enjoyed the sunshine. As soon as it starts to set, it cools off quickly and we have to close up and try to trap the heat. Tom and I have fallen right into our ‘together’ patterns and have found much to talk about.  

The beautiful Superstition Mountains

Flowering JacarandaTree on Patio at Shiprock RV Resort

Pat and Roger had some appointments in Mesa (they are in Casa Grande for the winter) yesterday, so we met up at JJ Madison’s for dinner and my dear friend Connie joined us there.  We had a very happy and enjoyable reunion with great hugs, lots of laughs and good conversation.