Monday, February 21, 2022

Monday, February 21, 2022, AZ, CA (for about 20 minutes)

Yesterday, after a fairly early rise and a continental breakfast at the hotel, we set off for a walk. We drove to a neighborhood that looked like a good spot to walk along the river on the map but turned out to be a private community. Back to the hotel, we headed out from there. There is not much to offer in Parker, so the streets were basically lined with construction type businesses until we got back to the main road that goes through the town and crosses the river into California.  

Between checkout and the time that we were meeting up with Tom’s sister Geri, we took a little drive to Big River to see if we could find the house that his parents lived in way back when. No luck, as it had been too long since he was there and he had only visited them a few times.  

Geri drove up from Blythe and met us at the Crossroads Cafe and we had a very nice visit with her and a tasty breakfast. It is the only full service restaurant in town and we had a bit of a wait that was worth it. 

Neither of us had ever been in Quartzite, although we have both driven through there many times, so we decided to take that route home and stop at the flea market - one of their claims to fame.  The other is the BLM land where RV people squat (boondock) in the desert during the winter months as a permit can be purchased for only about $90 for the entire year.  We walked out without buying anything and made it back ‘home’ to AJ by about 6:00pm. It was a very nice getaway.

This is a typical scene on our morning walks through the neighborhoods of AJ.

We finished our sign project today and we’re both quite happy with how it turned out.