Monday, February 14, 2022

Monday, February 14, 2022, AZ

The mobile home park across the street from us had their patio sales on Saturday, so we stopped there on our morning walk. Afterwards, we walked along the residential streets in hopes of getting a mile or so in. Well, clutzy me hit an elevated rough spot on the blacktop and went tumbling down, catching myself with the right knee, elbow, and palm. Of course, I got road rash and tore my jeans and had to turn around and go back home.  No other injuries, so I’m happy about that but it messed me up for the day.

I heard this week that my classmate, Steve Sproul passed away on the 9th.  Too bad - he was a good guy and I feel bad for his wife and family.  Rest In Peace, Steve.

Happy Valentines Day!  I spotted this heart shaped scar on a walk around Shiprock RV Park a few years back.  Today, the tree has grown enough that the scar is no longer heart shaped.

I got a Valentine’s Day wish from Ben by phone this morning and a sweet card from Tom. We will have a nice steak dinner tonight.

Yesterday, after coffee, we walked to the gas station to get a newspaper and spent the day relaxing and reading until we got ready to go to Chaney’s house for the Super Bowl game. Neither of us were actually interested in the game, but the food and company were great. It was nice to see Chaney, Nikkel, and Lakin and to meet some of their friends.  Chaney smoked ribs and chicken wings and we had lots of other goodies too.  We headed back home about half time (probably the worst half time show I have ever seen). It was great to see Tom’s family again!