Friday, February 25, 2022

Friday, February 25, 2022, AZ

Winter came back to Apache Junction this week. It rained most of the day on Wednesday and never got warmer than 47° all day and the rain totals for the day were .4”.  This always amazed me as there were puddles in the road that were close to that deep but several hours of steady rain only yielded less an half an inch.  Yesterday, we saw the snow on the Superstitions while we were out walking. Even though the temps never got above 60° yesterday, the clouds lifted and the sun came out - making for a nice afternoon sitting outside on the patio and reading.

This afternoon, I met Arlene and Sharla at First Watch Restaurant at 1:00 and we spent 3 hours on the patio enjoying a nice meal and lots of great conversation, even though the restaurant closed at 2:00. There were still kitchen staff and cleanup staff on duty, nobody bothered us or asked us to leave.