Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Monday, January 31, 2022, enroute to AZ

I spent the weekend at Ben’s house with Yoshi, as they decided to go to Lutsen for a weekend of skiing - the girls had no school on Friday and Ben and Jill had the day off.  Unfortunately, my apartment complex doesn’t allow guest dogs or I would have had Yoshi at my apartment.  It’s not really a problem, as I had the big house all to myself and I’ve spent enough time there that it feels like home. I took advantage of the time and did some of my heavy laundry like bedding and blankets.  

I managed to get all of my errands taken care of so I was ready to travel today.  I’ve been dreading this day, only because I’m not really fond of air travel but the day has been calm, I was able to take a short nap, and all of my travel experiences have been good.  Serge the Uber driver arrived at exactly the scheduled time, my checkin at the airport was fast and efficient, getting through security went smoothly, my flight was on time, and the pilot just said that it was perfect weather for travel and we would arrive in Phoenix about 15 minutes early. Yes…I’m typing this while flying through the air at 38,000 feet.  Unreal! 

We actually arrived about 40 minutes early. When I texted Tom to say that we had landed, he was just walking out the door for the 30 minute drive and it took me that long to get my checked bag and to take the short ride on the sky train to the 44th Street Light Rail Station. I no longer texted him that I had arrived there and he turned the corner to pick me up.  It’s so nice to see him again! We were talking so much that he missed the exit off the freeway.