Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019, IA, WI

We stopped at the top of the hill as we were leaving this morning,  took this photo of the Scenic View Campground, just so we would have a memory of it. As you can see, it sits in a valley along the Yellow River with a canoe and kayak access point next to the bridge.

 The grounds and setting are beautiful, the park itself is just as expected, but it is not the kind of ‘camping’ that fits our lifestyle.  Most of the sites are seasonal and those that aren’t are rented by friends and family, much younger than us and they all like to party. There were lots of kids, all well behaved. The focus was kayaking on the river, Quads and ATV’s that stirred up dust and took off early Saturday morning to ride the nearby trails and returned that evening - I counted at least 25 coming down the hill to the campground - covered with dust and mud. The campfires burned and the beer flowed until well after quiet time. We kept the windows closed and the fan running so we could sleep. We also thought that Sunday afternoon and evening would be quiet after the majority of folks cleared out, but there was a loud group of die-hards partying behind us and they were up at 4:00 this morning, closing doors, talking quietly, starting their loud trucks and then left. 

Woo! Hoo! We are back in Wisconsin, the land of my roots and familiar territory.  We had a short, 110 mile drive west on US-18 that ended up being a 140 mile drive because of detours and self inflicted detours. Damn! The road conditions for the first 30 miles between Prairie du Chien and Fennimore was horrible (rough and patched), and from there it was construction the closer we got to Madison. If the construction is ever completed, the highways will be nice but until then, they suck.  I really do think that it was the worst stretch of road that we have traveled on this entire 5,600-mile trip. We still have the 300 miles to get to our final summer destination of Monticello, MN, so that will make our spring travels drive of 5,900 miles total. No wonder we both feel like it is time to stay rooted for a while.

We got settled into Site 18 at Viking Village in Stoughton and it feels good to be here. Because of the cost, we booked for a month but will pull out early. Pat stopped by after work and we got to chat for a while this evening. It’s always good to see my firstborn son - an all around good guy who I really miss when we are apart and then when we got together, it’s like we have never been apart. 

It was a cool, 70 degree beautiful summer day with enough breeze that it kept the insects at bay.