Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019, WI

It was a traumatic day for me and for Frisco. He was the victim and I was the concerned witness. I could tell that he still wasn’t feeling good - I even saw a tear in his eye. So I decided that I just couldn’t wait until Wednesday for his appointment with my friend, Claire. We saw Dr. Culham at Chalet Vet and she was stunned and appalled that he wasn’t treated for the ear infection at the 24-hour clinic that I took him to yesterday. She cleaned his ear and prescribed an antibiotic to treat it - one that should get him through until I get back here next summer.

And then we talked about the options for the hematoma: she could drain it and inject a steroid but it would probably be back in the same shape within a week or two, she could surgically put a tube in the ear, allowing it to drain for 3 weeks and then be removed, or she could do surgery to open it, clean it out, and stitch it in a manner that wouldn’t allow the blood to accumulate again. I opted for the tube, as she said it has been quite successful and she could do it yet today. So, I left him in their hands and a few hours later, I picked him up and paid them $300 and took him home with a cone on his head. I know that he will adapt but it might take a few days and we will all have to be patient. It doesn’t help that we live in this tiny place but already he has mastered getting a drink, getting comfortable in his bed, and going for walks. What a guy!

After dealing with Frisco at the vet, we set off this morning to drop a few books off at the nearby thrift store and they were closed. Then we went to the local Norwegian Heritage Center and it was closed. So we took the bag of books to St. Vinny’s to donate and shopped around for a bit. 

And then we took a drive to Edgerton to check out a couple of RV Parks - Hickory Hills (way too wooded and remote), Lakeview (a parking lot - no go), the KOA in Milton (very nice, but not worth the drive considering the price and comparing it to the convenience of Viking Village), and Creekside in Albion (no go). 

On our way back home and before picking Frisco up, we stopped to see Jonnie’s new ‘under construction’ 320 square foot tiny home, about three miles east of Stoughton. They built it in a giant shed and it is just waiting for all of the required permits to be reconstructed on a concrete slab on her son’s property. It’s a long story, with many challenges with weather and water soaked grounds, but once it is constructed is going to be a very nice home for her. I can’t wait to see it!